It's Walkathon Time!

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Our school has benefited tremendously from your support of the Walkathon. Our students walked 627 miles and raised $49,132 at Walkathon 2014. We used these funds to purchase MimioTeach technology for all classrooms, awarded teacher grants, and provided supplies for the school.

We need your help again this year. In order to assist the teachers and students in meeting the district’s expectations for blended learning (computer aided instruction + teacher instruction) we hope to purchase a portable laptop cart. In addition to using the laptop cart for blended learning, it will also provide students with the opportunity to access technology on a more frequent basis in their classrooms. We currently have two computer labs. The additional cart will allow us to have a third computer lab that is mobile. 
Our goal is $55,000! The Friends of Hendricks has been working to raise $20,000 from the business community. To meet our school goal, we need the families at Hendricks to walk on February 28, to ask friends and family to pledge and to give generously as they are able.
Hendricks Avenue Elementary is committed to the exceptional education it provides to every student. Thank you for investing 
in your children and in our school’s future. As a donor, you can proudly say “I am walking for Hendricks!”
Lacy Healy
Principal, Hendricks Avenue Elementary School
For more information about the faculty grants that were funded by FOH in the 2013-2014 school year, please click here.



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Walkathon 2014