2017-2018 Spirit Nights

An Easy Way for YOU to Support HAE

It's as easy as treating the kids (and yourself!) to yogurt, or having a sub sandwich with other HAE families.  Your participation in HAE Spirit Nights makes a difference in our school. Last year, our wonderful community's support and generous sponsor restaurants raised over $1,153 that directly benefited our amazing school. Let's shatter that record this year! Check back to this page as we will update the Spirit Night schedule as sponsor restaurants are booked.

Spirit Night Track Record for 2017-2018
September 28 at Sweet Frog ..........Raised $250.42 for our school!
November 6 at Tijuana Flats ...........Raised $289.31 for our school!
January 9 at Panera             ............Raised $291.38 for our school!
May 24th at Marble Slab

Spirit Night Track Record for 2016-2017

September 15th at Sweet Frog ........ Raised $253.74 for our school!

November 7th at Tijuana Flats .........Raised $420.00 for our school!

January 24th at Dunkin' Donuts ........Raised $114.00 for our school!

May 25th at Marble Slab Creamery ..Raised $366.00 for our school!